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The Smurfs Season 1
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Title:The Smurfs
Genre: Animation, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Kids
Air Date: 1981-09-12
Season Number: 1
Total Episodes: 39
Overview: Classic Saturday-morning cartoon series featuring magical blue elf-like creatures called Smurfs. The Smurfs, named for their personalities, inhabit a village of mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. These loveable creatures are led by Papa Smurf and live carefree... except for one major threat to their existance: Gargamel, an evil but inept wizard who lives in a stone-built house in the forest; and his feline companion, the equally nasty Azrael.
Stars: Don Messick (Papa Smurf (voice)), Lucille Bliss (Smurfette (voice)), Frank Welker (Hefty Smurf (voice)), Michael Bell (Handy Smurf (voice)), June Foray (Jokey Smurf (voice)), Paul Winchell (Gargamel (voice)), Danny Goldman (Brainy Smurf (voice)), Hamilton Camp (Greedy Smurf (voice)), William Callaway (Clumsy Smurf (voice))

All Episodes on season 1

The Astrosmurf

Episode 1 : The Astrosmurf

September 12, 1981
Jokey's Medicine

Episode 2 : Jokey's Medicine

September 12, 1981
Vanity Fare

Episode 3 : Vanity Fare

September 12, 1981
The Magical Meanie

Episode 5 : The Magical Meanie

September 19, 1981
Sorceror Smurf

Episode 6 : Sorceror Smurf

September 19, 1981
King Smurf

Episode 8 : King Smurf

September 26, 1981
Soup a la Smurf

Episode 10 : Soup a la Smurf

October 03, 1981
The Magic Egg

Episode 14 : The Magic Egg

October 10, 1981
Sideshow Smurfs

Episode 16 : Sideshow Smurfs

October 17, 1981

Episode 17 : Supersmurf

October 17, 1981
Sir Hefty

Episode 19 : Sir Hefty

October 24, 1981
The Baby Smurf

Episode 20 : The Baby Smurf

October 24, 1981
The Fake Smurf

Episode 21 : The Fake Smurf

October 24, 1981
Haunted Smurf

Episode 23 : Haunted Smurf

October 31, 1981
The Smurfette

Episode 31 : The Smurfette

November 21, 1981
Spelunking Smurfs

Episode 33 : Spelunking Smurfs

November 21, 1981
Fuzzle Trouble

Episode 37 : Fuzzle Trouble

December 05, 1981
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